Does Your Hairstyle Suit Your Lifestyle?

People often experiment on themselves to find “their look”. They bounce around as new trends and styles come about, testing different cuts and colors and even textures, all to find “them”. The answer is far deeper rooted than many probably realize. Did you know that choosing the perfect hairstyle solely begins with your lifestyle?

But ofcourse it does! When you’re combing the magazines or surfing the net or watching TV and you see all the celebrities rocking those new colors and cuts that inspire you to make a change, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before sitting in that salon chair and handing over all that hard earned cash. The most basic being, “Who am I?” and breaking things down from here. Am I high maintenance or low maintenance? Am I always on the go or do I enjoy the more scenic route? Am I corporate destined or concert destined? Am I athletic and sporty or am I more of an indoor, non-perspiring competitor? Once you’ve answered the basics, THEN you can at least narrow the search on what the right look is for you.

Are you high maintenance or low maintenance? If you’re unsure, let’s try to check off a few things. If you find you are the type of person who wants nary a hair out of place, eyebrows in perfect arches, crisp creases in all of your shirts and pants, and your lips are NEVER chapped- then my dear, you are a high maintenance diva (or pretty boy for men). It’s totally not a bad thing, it simply means that you take pride in your appearance and you prefer to be selfie ready. . . at all times. Being high maintenance means your could sport more intricate styles like spiral curls, updo’s or a well cut bob because you don’t mind the work; you’re a Pro! On the other hand, if you find you’re ok with your hair so long as it looks combed or don’t mind tossing up a scrunchie every now and then and more than once a week, you opt to use the dryer over an iron to remove wrinkles from your shirts, then you’re more of the low maintenance type. This category doesn’t mean lazy or sloppy at all. You’d just rather invest your time in other activities. Styles such as braids, locs, updos and short cuts are ideal for you as they do not require much fuss every morning.

Time management plays a key role in deciding on a “new do”. If you’re the type who is always on the go, you may not have much time to spend primping and grooming in front of the mirror. Something slick and easy like a side part and swooped behind the ear so you don’t have to skip a beat is more your speed.

Am I corporate destined or am I concert destined? Let’s face it, though society has become gradually accepting of more and more preferences and practices, certain things still just don’t fly in the conference room. No mullets or loud funky colors, for sure. But who says corporate can’t be classy and chic? Sleek asymmetrical cuts or a vintage Great Gatsby laid look can add that flare and make that statement “I am about business but I am not afraid to take risks”. Be that type of bold that holds attention, however not so much to keep a deal from closing.

Are you an all-around triathlon, marathon, Olympics pro, up for a good sweat or swim no matter the weather? Definitely in this instance, you would motion towards a style that is low maintenance and flexible. Something that doesn’t change because the climate does is more in your corner. You probably would be less likely to invest in weekly salon visits because you’re free running, playing tennis and mountain biking the next day.

This isn’t a guide to say hey you need to wear your hair like this because you live like that, definitely not! There are so many more factors to consider beyond lifestyle such as the shape of your face and the length of your nose and the color of your eyes. Our analysis has only just begun, but don’t worry, at least you are well on your way. Just begin like I said, by asking “Who am I?” and the rest will come. Till next time, keep that face beat for the Gods and have a happy hair day!


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