Cold Water vs. Hot Water

So how do YOU shampoo?

When my clients lay back into the bowl, they almost melt at the heated stream massaging their scalp. They enjoy the soothing lather, the rinse that follows and the repeat. HOWEVER, there are some who cringe at the moment I switch on the hose to rinse out the conditioner. Why?.......... Because I always use cool water as my final rinse. No, it's certainly not ice cold water, but I'm sure it could feel that way following just after a steamy hot shampoo. Relax..... I assure you, there is method to my madness.

Think about it. When you get cold, what happens to your skin?...... Correct! You get goosebumps. Now what does that mean? The skin on your body is covered in millions of tiny little pores and the goosebumps are those little pores snapping shut. This action is your body's natural reaction to the cold- by closing up tight, your pores are trying conserve or lock in as much heat as possible. This in mind, we attempt to apply the same principle to the hair.

Shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair, it rids the follicles of all the buildup and debris from all the daily hair products we apply, the sweat, dust particles that we pick up and the excess sebum that collects over time. Bare in mind, when shampooing, we are stripping our tresses of the good stuff as well as the bad, hence the need to use a conditioner. Conditioners are necessary to refurbish the good nutrients needed for healthy hair. This is where the hot to cold, shock therapy sort of trick comes in. Being that the outside layer of the hair shaft or cuticle layer, resembles that of shingles on a roof, and become relaxed and open with the hot rinses and shampoo manipulation, we use a cool rinse following the conditioner application to lock in as much moisture and nutrients as possible. We want those cuticles to snap back tight. And that's science, people!!!

Did everything kind of come full circle for you? Did you just go "Ah hah!"? Great, I hope my article was informative and refreshing. So, from now on....... how do YOU shampoo?

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