Dumpster-Diving for Cosmetics???

So, it has come to my attention that the old sport of dumpster diving has taken on a new spin. Makeup lovers and beauty bloggers have taken it to the streets.... the glam streets, that is- and are dumpster diving for all their high priced makeup-skin care products. They've got things down to a science and are targeting namely the dumpsters located behind the retail store such as Sephora and the ULTA Beauty and they are scoring BIG TIME!

These store of course, set out displays and samples daily, displays which cannot be sold but at some point must be discarded to make space for the new displays. They don't sell them, they merely dumpt them in the trash and that's when the divers come to collect. Thousands of dollars worth, let's face it, just one palette might cost anywhere from $50 to $100 and beyond, easy.

My take on this fad? GENIUS!

Would I do it? No.

No time, energy nor patience; perhaps, not the stomach for it either. I am amazed at these crafty and rather thrifty chicks for coming up with a way to score big without breaking the bank. I love a good bargain and free is the absolute best! This trend is spreading, there are those who've taken the charitable road and shared their secrets on the best time of the week to dumpster dive, when to look for major floor changes in the store (often means, a lot of products are being discarded); even down to how to properly sanitize and clean your haul once you've collected.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, talk to you later ladies and remember, it's a crime not to prime and a sin not to blend! MUAH!

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