I am a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Beauty by Dana Kay Salon in Richmond, Virginia. Having noticed a natural gravitation towards the more glitzy and glamorous realm and my sort of knack for hair and makeup, I decided to explore further. Previous experience in dance, modeling and acting allowed me practice in hair and makeup on myself as well as others; it is here that I realized that there was something greater to be had.

            I have invested training in cosmetology and plan to always remain current and fresh with new styles and trends through continued education. I am working towards mastering barbering, coloring and styling all textures. The boundaries of the beauty industry are LIMITLESS and I do not have the lifespan to become an expert in every category however those I do touch, I will master so as to satisfy every kind of clientele- every age, every color, every skin type and every hair texture.

                That moment when a person is spun around in my chair or handed a mirror and this wave of excitement or amazement or just plain relief comes over them...... there's nothing like it. Playing a role in the lifting of someone's spirits or boosting their self esteem just does something for me. We all feel better when we look better.

            In the meantime in between time, I am at your service! Proms, weddings, fashion shows, birthdays, whatever the occasion; book me for hair, for makeup or for both and I will not disappoint. Weekly and biweekly visits to the salon are great as well for we can work together as a team to gain and maintain the health of your hair.I look forward to every opportunity to sharpen my skills but even more so to help you to discover a more beautiful you.


About Me